Swiss FTS übernimmt soziale Verantwortung

Soziales Engagement erweitert den Horizont, hilft und berührt. Daher hat sich Swiss FTS entschieden die Organisation PluSport zu unterstützen. Soziales Engagement ist uns wichtig, daher haben wir pro Mitarbeiter einen Förderbeitrag geleistet. Diese Spende zugunsten des Behindertensports unterstützt Kinder und Erwachsene bei der sportlichen Betätigung und deren Gesundheit.

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The Top 7 Actions You Can Take Now to Defend Your Company against Internal Threats

While companies that fall prey to major hacks have become daily headlines, few people realize that a significant portion of these data breaches are from internal employees, not outside threats. Many data breaches come from inside the company, and half of those times the breaches are malicious rather than accidental.
According to market research, Swiss companies are on average investing every 8th Franc of their IT budgets in security. However, the vast majority of those investments are aimed at keeping the company safe from external threats. But what about internal risks?

Here are the top 7 actions for making sure your company is safe from internal hacks and data breaches.


5 Top Reasons to Create Your Information Governance System Now

Many IT managers, compliance officers, CISO’s and general councils have been talking about the need for Information Governance systems for a long time, but are still reluctant to address it properly. This is understandable, because implementing a thorough Information Governance System can be complex and overwhelming. However, sticking your head in the sand and hoping for the best is not the answer, since the risks for neglecting Information Governance can be significant. It’s critical to your business’ success that the rapidly growing data volumes and regulations are managed appropriately.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in a proper Information Governance System.


Swiss FTS unterstützt die Special Olympics Switzerland 2017

Soziales Engagement ist uns wichtig, darum unterstützt Swiss FTS, zum dritten Mal auch 2017 wieder die Special Olympics Switzerland als Donator (Urkunde). Dabei haben wir pro Swiss FTS Mitarbeiter einen Förderbeitrag geleistet, der es einem geistig behinderten Athleten ermöglicht an Wettkämpfen von Special Olympics teilzunehmen.

Special Olympics Switzerland

Relativity Best In Service Blue

Swiss FTS erhält die Auszeichnung Relativity Best in Service zum zweiten Mal in Folge

Mit Freude gibt Swiss FTS bekannt, dass wir die Auszeichnung Relativity Best in Service von kCura, für das zweite Jahr in Folge erhalten haben. Dieses anerkennt Relativity Authorized Partner welche einen ausgezeichneten Relativity Service für die Kunden bieten.

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The 5 Most Important Factors in Selecting an eDiscovery Service Provider

I’ve been in this business for many years, and I know that no one rejoices and pops a bottle of champagne when a litigation or investigation comes knocking on your door. However, it doesn’t need to be a daunting process if you have the right help.

For companies going through this experience for the first time, picking the right service provider can be challenging. One of the reasons for that is, you have to blindly trust a complete stranger with your most intimate company data. Furthermore, inexperienced service providers can get overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of the task, which can lead them to do redundant or unnecessary work, charge you for service that was not necessary, or piling on junior analysts that a more experienced provider wouldn’t have needed.


LawTech Europe 2016 Brussels

We are excited to announce that we will be Gold Sponsor again at INsig2 LawTech Europe this year. The event will be held in Brussels on 7 and 8 November 2016. With over 500 delegates expected to attend, inspiring educational sessions and a whole host of practical solutions on display, this is surely an event not to be missed. Weiterlesen

Swiss FTS Uses Relativity to Unravel a Money Laundering Scheme

When a large financial institution investigated its potential exposure to money laundering and related crimes by certain customers, its external counsel approached Swiss FTS to help them make sense of the data. The firm needed to reveal the story behind 300 account managers, 500 customer accounts, and 300,000 transactions—making this anything but a straightforward task. However, Swiss FTS proved that with the right tools, custom development on the Relativity platform, and some strategic problem solving, investigations don’t have to be as challenging as they appear.

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