Core Values


Our #1 value is transparency with our clients. Corporate investigations can be an opaque field, with a requirement for highly-technical and customized solutions, often performed under tense or hostile conditions, with many cross-cutting actors, and on short notice. We communicate with you in a way that allows you to understand our rationale for everything we suggest: from the grandest strategy to the minutest detail of execution, it’s imperative to us that you understand it all completely and clearly. You are not just our client, but also our active partner in your success, and we bring you along at every step.


We don’t allow ourselves to be corrupted. We stick to the facts, and if the facts are not congruent with our values and beliefs then we are willing to lose business rather than participate in massaging the data or constructing false narratives. This means that whenever we are on the case, all parties are confident that the role we are playing is to provide the facts, not to support any particular agenda. We work with clients who want and need the truth about the situation that they are concerned with. We provide the unvarnished truth. Nothing less.

We are also committed to integrity in pricing. We attempt to estimate the work as accurately as possible, to not add on costs later once we have you as a client. We give you our honest assessment of the strategy and scope of work that we think will actually get the job done for you—nothing more, nothing less. We explain to you transparently why we think that’s the best approach, and why it costs what it does.


In each case, we approach our client’s leadership, employees, clients, suspects, regulators, and partners without any bias, treating them in a professional manner and with positive intentions. We do not take sides.

We are focused on finding the facts–what actually happened. We have found that when we approach investigations without any preconceptions about who was at fault for what, we are able to deliver to our clients a much more accurate picture of the facts. Thus, true to our Swiss roots, we strive to maintain neutrality in all our investigations. The only side we choose is the truth, based on our investigations, data, and analysis.


We approach our work with you from a stance of gratitude. We know how much trust it takes to allow us–a third-party—to be so close to so much of your corporate data, and so close to some of your most sensitive business challenges. We are grateful for the trust and opportunity that you have given us. We work hard every day to earn this trust, and to express our gratitude, through excellence in service.

We also all feel grateful to be working with such excellent colleagues and partners, and the drive they have for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This fosters a team cohesion that aligns the work of everyone in our company.


Our services are tailored to your specific needs: your current goals, resources, situation, challenges, and opportunities are all taken into account when designing a solution that will effectively work for you. We do not offer “one-size-fits-all” or “off-the-shelf” solutions, and we only put well-trained professionals on your case. Most of our business comes from referrals and we strive to be the company you would refer enthusiastically to your colleagues and partners.


We build sustainable and long lasting relationships with our employees, clients, and partners, creating a sense of community, collegiality, and fellowship. We are active in and supportive of our local community, investing time and money to improve the lives of people in need.