eDiscovery refers to the identification, preservation, collection, preparation, review, presentation and production of electronically stored information (ESI) in connection with the preparation of legal proceedings, internal investigations, regulatory investigations, or disputes. Unstructured data is thereby indexed and structured, so that it can be reviewed and analyzed in an investigation. Typically this affects emails and so-called “loose” files which include text files, spreadsheets, presentations and other user files. In the eDiscovery process the relevant data is standardized and presented in a unified format, on a special review platform. This facilitates analysis and assures that relevant content can be identified more effectively.

In modern eDiscovery the worlds of unstructured and structured data are constantly converging. This means that data traditionally solely handled via Data Analytics (e.g. transactional, HR and CRM data) is combined and linked together with emails, chat messages and other unstructured user files. Combining these sources enables us to build a clearer overview of the case, and allows you to resolve your matter more efficiently and effectively.

Our services cover all eDiscovery reference model processes, and range from identifying all relevant data sources to the production of case-relevant data to our clients.

Online Review & Hosting

Swiss FTS offers an easy to use and flexible web based review platform, enabling us to host very large and complex projects, and to provide access to the data internationally. With its flexible and intuitive user interface, this application is suited for all review requirements. Regardless of volume, documents can be processed and quickly uploaded to the platform, allowing you to start the review with minimal delay. The platform’s advanced security feature set (such as individual document and review coding access permissions) allows for multiple reviewers and review topics to operate on the same data set in a secure manner, reducing storage costs, processing time, and project complexity.

Our eDiscovery platform is designed to streamline your document review and collaboration across large teams in multiple locations. We offer you the following functionality and benefits:

  • Optimization and acceleration of the review process through automation
  • Increased quality through pre-defined integrity checks
  • Complete and consistent audit trails
  • Computer-assisted review based on concept-clusters and machine learning

Through our platform, augmented by our unique in-house custom software developments, you will be able to:

  • Turn your productions from static paper printouts into dynamic, searchable, digitally-annotated documents ready for team collaboration across multiple platforms.
  • Find exactly the lines and pages you need through robust OCR searching, and highlight and annotate the documents digitally.
  • Digitize the annotation process so that you can stop printing out long documents, throwing away 95% of the pages, and annotating the rest with a pen.
  • Cross-reference comments from multiple team-members across multiple documents, avoiding the need to organize team comments across many complicated emails and Word documents.
  • Never miss any key information again within your documents. Without our tool, it’s easy to miss important details in thousands of pages of manually-annotated printouts, negatively impacting your case.
  • View annotations (globally or per-document) in a clear list, instead of manually going through every page in a physical production to see highlights and read comments.
  • Jump directly to the selected highlight and comment within the document viewer. You can now find that key single sentence in a 300-page document with just one click.
  • Embed highlights and comments directly within the produced documents, or produce these details as cover sheets, leaving the original document in its pristine original form. This provides richer detail and context within the document itself, instead including highlights and comments in a separate and often confusing appendix or index list.

Our infrastructure is located in independent and segregated high security datacenters in Zurich and Singapore, which are ISO 27001 certified. Our infrastructure is designed with added redundancy in order to maximize availability and performance. Service and maintenance is conducted solely by members of our team to ensure full control of all stored data.

Our datacenter in Zurich is also compliant with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) standards. As a result of this, we can offer our clients a hosted environment compliant with Swiss law.