The more disorganized, unstructured, untracked, and insecure your data is, the more vulnerable you are to data-related threats, from both external sources and from within your organization.

Information Governance is the practice of structuring, organizing, accounting for, and securing all your company’s data in a way that makes the information you need instantly accessible, and that provides strong protective layers of security against data-related threats.

Implementing a thorough Information Governance System can be complex and overwhelming, but the risks of neglecting Information Governance can be significant. It’s critical to your business’ success that the rapidly growing data volumes and regulations are managed appropriately.

On 25 May 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. If you are an EU business, or are doing business with EU countries and store personal data, you need to implement robust Information Governance immediately to be in compliance with this law.

Security from external and internal threats is an essential component of Information Governance. With the right tools, you can monitor your company’s baseline IT activity and be alerted when there is any activity that is out of the ordinary.

Good proactive Information Governance provides a better starting point for eDiscovery, litigation or other investigation, compared to the usual reactive methods. Implementing an effective system now will make the experience of any investigation or litigation smoother, less stressful, and less costly.

Swiss FTS has helped large and small companies throughout the globe to get their Information Governance Systems up to the highest standards. We have experience with almost every type and size of organization, and therefore can benchmark your current systems against your competitors, making sure you’re ahead of the game.