Information Governance

Considering todays’ complex regulatory and legal guidelines, many companies are confronted with various challenges regarding the storing of emails and other company data. Also does IT Security have a severely higher significance in today’s business world. Due to the lack of appropriate tools and know-how, these challenges are often handled rather poorly. The companies also face the task of implementing strategies which reduce the ever-growing volume of data, where by complying with the given data retention regulations.

The continuous data growth adds additional complexity to these approaches and makes them also bare challenges for data protection. How effectively is your data protected against internal and external threats? Who has access to which data? What preventive and detective measures are implemented? Currently only few companies properly deal with this matter. But current economic and political events show that companies of any size can be affected by it.

Confidential and sensitive data such as employee, client and financial information or research and development results, etc. have to be protected from unauthorized access. All of this data is a fundamental part of your business value. With the appropriate governance and monitoring tools, Swiss FTS can help you to identify these weaknesses and bring light into darkness.

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