ILLUMINATE – Bring the key information of your investigation to light

Swiss FTS is proud to announce the launch of ILLUMINATE – an Add-on for Productivity in Relativity- developed by SFTS Engineering.

Highlight, Mark, Comment – Enrich Productions – Reduce Cost and Time

ILLUMINATE changes the way your team produces documents, to decrease time spent on post-production review and on locating key information. You can view annotations (globally or per-document) in a list, instead of manually going through every page in a physical production to see highlights and read comments. Via this list you can jump directly to the selected highlight and comment within the document viewer. You can now find that single key sentence in a 300-page document with just one click. Produce just the relevant pages within documents, by only producing pages with highlights, in a streamlined production. You can also embed highlights and comments directly within the produced documents, or produce these details as cover sheets, leaving the original document in its pristine original form. This provides richer detail and context down to a single sentence, instead of having document wide comments that can be difficult to reference.

ILLUMINATE – Speed up your workflow in Relativity.

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